Undoubtedly Denmark’s most famous daytrader, TOM HOUGAARD has worked for leading financial institutions and made millions as an independent trader. The Londonbased expert not only knows the market, he’s also very generous with his expertise .

Trading whizz Tom Hougaard, an industry expert with over 24 years of experience under his belt, is a veritable source of trading wisdom; he contributes to newspapers, tweets, blogs at tradertom. com, features on YouTube videos and holds seminars on the psychology of trading. Hougaard, originally from Denmark, was employed as a broker in London until the 2010 crash rendered him redundant, and then set up as a solo trader. In the years since, Hougaard, who describes himself as a high-stake trader, has always come out on top. So what’s his secret? “A good trader can control their risk. It is the only thing that you can control: you can’t control the markets, but you can control how much you are willing to risk on a particular bet.” Risk tolerance is determined by an individual’s self-discipline, their ability to avoid irrational responses, to rein in their emotions.
The psychology behind trading is one of Hougaard’s main interests, and the subject of many of his seminars. He believes in using behavioural economics to analyse the market, considering the impact of emotional, psychological and social factors on trading decisions: “What drives bull markets and bear markets is not economic conditions, but people’s response to them.”
Hougaard started using the brokerage services of ETX Capital several years ago and has built up a close working relationship with the firm. ETX Capital, located in the heart of the financial district in London, is one of the Top 3 brokers in the UK. ETX is an acronym for the services the company offers: electronic trading, telephone trading and execution services. ETX Capital has acquired an impressive reputation for providing clients with support services from its knowledgeable, multilingual staff. All brokerage services are backed by total confidentiality and a high level of account security. At the heart of ETX Capital’s services lies its sophisticated, triple-tier, multi-platform trading platform, allowing clients to trade from their desks and switch to mobile access for trading on the go. The platforms are fully customisable, and provide a high level of market access.
Tom Hougaard is a fan. “This is the kind of software I was paying 500 pounds a month for when I first started out, and now it’s free of charge. It really is the best in the industry.” ETX Capital has arranged for Hougaard to visit Germany – the first time he has been here to speak publicly.
Business Club Hamburg is delighted to be welcoming Hougaard in November for an evening event at which he’ll be sharing his unique take on trading, the market and providing insight into strategies and risk management. Hougaard will also be trading live with ETX Capital software, providing an unmissable opportunity to see the suite in action at the hands of a trading superstar. So does he know what he’ll be trading? “My favourite trading vehicle is the German DAX, an incredibly volatile index, so I may very well take a closer look at it on the day.”


Text: Fiona Sangster PHOTO: LAURA ASHMAN