International: Bringing British culture to Hamburg

The director of the only professional English theatre in Hamburg, PAUL GLASER, brings the spirit of the West End to the city’s audiences.

How was 2021 for your company and what do you expect for the future?
2021 was a real challenge for everyone but particularly for us working in culture. We had to rethink where we stand and turn on a dime. We quickly developed new ways to bring theatre to our audiences, trying out different forms and formats that would suit the online market. Much of what we learned […]

16. November 2021|club! Magazin Herbst 2021, International|


In a world reliant on digital technology, the Henley Business School’s expert on the future of work, NAEEMA PASHA, looks at how the bias inherent in AI could be stifling creativity and keeping us in our comfort zones.

When Mark Twain said the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, he could have been predicting how data science is used to build our world to match our needs and likes. But, do we want our needs matched all the time? If everything is carefully curated to our wishes, how will […]

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A historic jewel in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, THE ALBANY CLUB is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected private clubs.

The busy city of Toronto, capital of the province of Ontario, may seem to consist mainly of dazzling high-rises occupied by media and film production companies, but in the downtown area there are places that provide a hint of what life was once like here in Canada’s biggest city. One of those places is The Albany Club, one of the country’s oldest private clubs and one that has […]

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International: “We’re creating a revolution”

Legal expert Eithan Wolf came to Hamburg to shake up the international medical insurance sector – and enjoy a glass of wine by Lake Alster

How was 2020 for your company and what do you expect for the future?
2020 was an incredible launch year for our German market. We decided to go ahead with our plans despite the COVID-19 pandemic in order to provide our solutions and services to the German market. This year we are adding yet another layer of innovation to the health insurance market with our […]

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International: Board Leadership – a challenge of engagement

Why is engagement crucial for boards operating in increasingly demanding environments? Andrew Kakabadse, Professor at Henley Business School, considers this issue and asks what role compliance and stewardship play.

‘It’s all about engagement!’ exclaimed the chair of a major multi- national presiding over the decline and imminent collapse of his company – just one anecdote from hundreds of hours of interviews our team has conducted with board members and C-level executives over the past decade.
In fact our research into thousands of organisations highlights an inescapable fact – it is engagement, not […]

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