International: “We’re creating a revolution”

Legal expert Eithan Wolf came to Hamburg to shake up the international medical insurance sector – and enjoy a glass of wine by Lake Alster

How was 2020 for your company and what do you expect for the future?
2020 was an incredible launch year for our German market. We decided to go ahead with our plans despite the COVID-19 pandemic in order to provide our solutions and services to the German market. This year we are adding yet another layer of innovation to the health insurance market with our […]

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International: Board Leadership – a challenge of engagement

Why is engagement crucial for boards operating in increasingly demanding environments? Andrew Kakabadse, Professor at Henley Business School, considers this issue and asks what role compliance and stewardship play.

‘It’s all about engagement!’ exclaimed the chair of a major multi- national presiding over the decline and imminent collapse of his company – just one anecdote from hundreds of hours of interviews our team has conducted with board members and C-level executives over the past decade.
In fact our research into thousands of organisations highlights an inescapable fact – it is engagement, not […]

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International: A shining jewel in the Sunshine State

Blue skies, a lively Cuban heritage, freshly minted Super Bowl winners – the city of Tampa in Florida has many attractions to offer, including the history-steeped University Club of Tampa, a city club with a vibrant social scene.

What does Tampa, Florida have in common with Winston Churchill? There is no record of the great British stateman having ever visited Tampa Bay, but his most iconic attribute – the perennial cigar – most certainly also came from here. Tampa, also known as Cigar City, was one of the largest cigar-producing centres […]

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International: “I occasionally do things that scare me”

From Egypt to Dubai and Hamburg: finance expert MAHMOUD AMER takes the club! questionnaire and reveals a fondness for Fischbrötchen.

How many people work for your company in Hamburg and worldwide?
We have around 70 people in Hamburg. We also have smaller offices in London and Sofia. As a small and growing bank, our staff numbers are constantly growing, particularly in Sofia where we currently have 15 people.

Are there any technological developments that will have a particular influence on your business development?
I think the recent developments with the Covid-19 pandemic […]

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With the world in the firm grip of a pandemic, there are implications for businesses and leadership that were unforeseen twelve months ago. Professor BERND VOGEL explains why we should embrace this change and turn it round to work for us.

It is difficult to imagine that Covid-19 will not shape the business landscape for the foreseeable future. Therefore, and I have written this before and will repeat it here: In business and in my area of leadership and its development we owe it to those who have died and suffered, […]

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