International: “I occasionally do things that scare me”

From Egypt to Dubai and Hamburg: finance expert MAHMOUD AMER takes the club! questionnaire and reveals a fondness for Fischbrötchen.

How many people work for your company in Hamburg and worldwide?
We have around 70 people in Hamburg. We also have smaller offices in London and Sofia. As a small and growing bank, our staff numbers are constantly growing, particularly in Sofia where we currently have 15 people.

Are there any technological developments that will have a particular influence on your business development?
I think the recent developments with the Covid-19 pandemic […]

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With the world in the firm grip of a pandemic, there are implications for businesses and leadership that were unforeseen twelve months ago. Professor BERND VOGEL explains why we should embrace this change and turn it round to work for us.

It is difficult to imagine that Covid-19 will not shape the business landscape for the foreseeable future. Therefore, and I have written this before and will repeat it here: In business and in my area of leadership and its development we owe it to those who have died and suffered, […]

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International: “I believe in the power of kindness”

Australian educator Jaki Graham, junior school principal at the International School of Hamburg, helps children to embark on a voyage of learning.

How many people work for your school in Hamburg?
The International School of Hamburg is the oldest international school in Germany and was founded in 1957. Currently, we have more than 780 students and +160 highly qualified faculty and administration staff coming from more than 50 nations.

Is there any charity organization that your school supports?
ISH bases its educational approach on creating a learning environment where students can grow […]

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Truly effective leaders know that you need multiple strings to your bow if you want to get the best from your team. Professor JONATHAN PASSMORE of Henley Business School explains the basics of the situational management style.

Almost every manager is now expected to be able to use coaching as part of their management toolkit. But is coaching the only management skill a good manager needs?
In reality most managers need a variety of different styles to be the best leader. Warren Bennis has been credited with first recognising that this: ‚if […]

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International: Over a century of cars and conviviality

Originally set up over one hundred years ago to “foster motoring and assist motorists”, THE ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AUSTRALIA is now a club for the local professional and business community in Sydney.

It’s difficult to imagine the world without motorised vehicles to get you from A to B in a reasonably short period of time. So ubiquitous are cars now, with our cities and infrastructure designed around their needs, that it is astonishing that there was once a time when a “horseless carriage” would have had people running to marvel […]

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