International: “Hamburg has an Atlantic outlook”

Relative newcomer to the city Professor Dr. Hendrik Brinksma, who was appointed President of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in 2018, takes the club! questionnaire and reveals what impression Hamburg has made so far.

Do you expect growth for your organization and is this expected business development accompanied by a higher or lower demand for employees? What does this mean for the Hamburg site?
One of the things that attracted me to the presidency of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) was the perspective for growth. Our budget will grow […]

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International: “South Africa is one of the most attractive markets”

Incarcerated on Robben Island alongside Nelson Mandela, the South African Ambassador H.E. Phumelele Stone Sizani talks about the legacy of “Madiba”, the African

DM: Excellency, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the end of apartheid in South Africa. You yourself were a political prisoner on Robben Island from 1976 to 1982, where Nelson Mandela was also imprisoned at the same time. How has your country changed since 1994?
H.E.: South Africa has changed dramatically since 1994. We have long been a segregated country and a pariah of the world. In 1994, […]

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Housed in an elegant 18th century building, Winterthur’s members-only CLUB ZUR GEDULD provides a luxurious setting for relaxation and fi ne dining – and proof that patience truly is the highest virtue.

What the worthy and wealthy burghers of Winterthur, a Medieval city close to Zurich, needed, decided Oscar Reinhart upon returning to his native city after working abroad and experiencing the genteel amenities of gentlemen’s clubs in London and India, was a luxurious, private club where they could gather to relax, converse and perhaps do a little business. Ever the […]

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“It’s all about asking the right questions”
Thomas Hansen, Vice President Sales at the Northern Europe head office of Pandora jewellery, takes the club! questionnaire.

How many people work for your company in Hamburg and worldwide?
We are 70 people in our Hamburg office, which is the main office for Northern Europe. In total we are more than 1,200 employees in Germany as most of our concept stores are owned and operated. Worldwide, Pandora employs more than 27,700 people of whom more than 14,000 are located in Thailand, where we manufacture our jewellery.

Are […]

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International: “CETA is the most progressive trade agreement.”

The Canadian Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Stéphane Dion , explains what makes the CETA agreement so important as a binding force between Canada and the European Union, and extols Canada’s role as a peacekeeper and modifying force in the world.

Excellency, Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary last year.How has your state changed since its founding, and what are the major challenges Canada faces in the near future?
H.E.: Canada existed much before 150 years ago, but it is true that we found our modern form, as a federation, in 1867, with […]

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