International: “I allow myself to change my mind”

Curiosity has stood Matilda Kong in good stead, taking her from banking to CEO of a start-up that has developed a tool to detect stereotypes in popular culture.

How was 2018 for your company and what do you expect for the future?
I quit my previous job at SEB, a Swedish bank, in 2018; I found a team, an advisory board, and some small innovation grants and we began testing different solutions. Now, our pilot projects with Tagesschau, ZDF, NDR and other regional and international broadcasters are starting to show results. We […]

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International: “The EU should recognise the potential of Kosovo”

As ambassador of a country ranked as one of the most optimistic in Europe, H. E. BEQË CUFAJ is positive about the future diplomatic and economic development of his country and the potential of its young population.

DM: Excellency, the 10th June marks the 20th anniversary of the end of the Kosovo War. After the end of the Bosnian War in December 1995, it was the last major battle on European soil. What is your perspective today looking back on this armed conflict, the roots of which can be traced back […]

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International: A Garden of Eden in Canada

Set in stunning grounds in Montreal on the shores of Lake St. Louis, FOREST & STREAM CLUB is a haven where members are invited to experience luxury at its finest – while still feeling completely at home.

Imagine stepping back in time to a more gracious age, an age where impeccable service, luxurious furnishings, fine dining and exclusive wines could be taken for granted. An age where elegant salons furnished with luxuriously thick carpets and tasteful ornaments provided a welcome refuge.
Fortunately, to experience this cocooning luxury you won’t need the services […]

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International: “Our country is a multicultural melting pot of Asia”

The Ambassador of Malaysia, H.E. Sarah Nava Rani Al Bakri Devadason talks about the economic advantages of her country, unique travel destinations and the importance of the palm oil industry for Malaysia.

DM: Excellency, on 9 May 2018 there was a turning point in your country. The party alliance “National Front” (Barisan Nasional) was voted out after 61 years in power. What successes has the new alliance “Pakatan Harapan” had so far?
H.E.: I believe the real success story behind the unprecedented change of government in Malaysia after a period of […]

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International: Building bridges between Germany and the U.S.

The New York Times’ Berlin correspondent, Melissa Eddy, came to Business Club Hamburg to speak about her work at the paper and the challenges the media face from the “fake news” controversy.

On March 20, Business Club Hamburg hosted an evening event with Melissa Eddy of The New York Times. The evening was organised in cooperation with the RIAS Berlin Commission, a binational organization for the promotion of German-American understanding in the field of broadcasting. Amongst others, RIAS is hosting exchange programs for broadcast professionals and providing grants for radio and […]

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