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A historic jewel in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, THE ALBANY CLUB is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected private clubs.

The busy city of Toronto, capital of the province of Ontario, may seem to consist mainly of dazzling high-rises occupied by media and film production companies, but in the downtown area there are places that provide a hint of what life was once like here in Canada’s biggest city. One of those places is The Albany Club, one of the country’s oldest private clubs and one that has […]

16. November 2021|Club & Partner, club! Magazin Herbst 2021, International|

International: A shining jewel in the Sunshine State

Blue skies, a lively Cuban heritage, freshly minted Super Bowl winners – the city of Tampa in Florida has many attractions to offer, including the history-steeped University Club of Tampa, a city club with a vibrant social scene.

What does Tampa, Florida have in common with Winston Churchill? There is no record of the great British stateman having ever visited Tampa Bay, but his most iconic attribute – the perennial cigar – most certainly also came from here. Tampa, also known as Cigar City, was one of the largest cigar-producing centres […]

25. April 2021|Club & Partner, club! Magazin Frühling 2021, International|

International: Over a century of cars and conviviality

Originally set up over one hundred years ago to “foster motoring and assist motorists”, THE ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AUSTRALIA is now a club for the local professional and business community in Sydney.

It’s difficult to imagine the world without motorised vehicles to get you from A to B in a reasonably short period of time. So ubiquitous are cars now, with our cities and infrastructure designed around their needs, that it is astonishing that there was once a time when a “horseless carriage” would have had people running to marvel […]

9. März 2020|Club & Partner, club! Magazin Frühling 2020, International|

International: Namaste in india, home of hospitality gods

There’s an Indian custom of treating guests like gods: Sun City Club & Resort, situated in the state of Gujarat, excels in hospitality, offering a wealth of all-inclusive services and facilities for members and affiliates.

Some clubs pride themselves on their historic surroundings and strict adherence to long-established traditions and membership rules. And then there are the clubs that are redefining the concept of a private members’ club, expanding their scope to include services and amenities that one would not expect to find in the more sedate establishments. The Sun City […]

12. Dezember 2019|Club & Partner, club! Magazin Winter 2019, International|

International: A Garden of Eden in Canada

Set in stunning grounds in Montreal on the shores of Lake St. Louis, FOREST & STREAM CLUB is a haven where members are invited to experience luxury at its finest – while still feeling completely at home.

Imagine stepping back in time to a more gracious age, an age where impeccable service, luxurious furnishings, fine dining and exclusive wines could be taken for granted. An age where elegant salons furnished with luxuriously thick carpets and tasteful ornaments provided a welcome refuge.
Fortunately, to experience this cocooning luxury you won’t need the services […]

6. September 2019|Club & Partner, club! Magazin Herbst 2019, International|