International: “In Europe we must treasure our culture, our history and our heritage anew”

Where is Europe heading? Will others follow the BREXIT lead? And what is Germany’s role? The Belgian Ambassador, H.E. Ghislain D’hoop, discusses these issues with the Chairman of the Board of the International Economic Council, Tino Barth

Excellency, the German daily newspaper “Handelsblatt” wrote a while ago: “Brussels – Europe’s Centre of Power“. Many things have happened since then. Does that statement still hold true today?
I would say that Brussels is Europe’s political centre, at least in the sense that it’s the political centre of EU institutions. And Brussels is […]

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At the monthly Maritime Business Breakfast in November, JANNE SILDEN of Rolls-Royce Marine explained how advances in digital technology are driving change and invited her audience to discover what makes intelligent ships tick.

Where is commercial shipping steering? How can today’s vessels be transformed for tomorrow’s technology? A Business Breakfast in late November sought to find some answers to these and other questions. Around forty guests came to hear Janne Silden, Sales Manager at the Hamburg subsidiary of Rolls Royce Marine, sketch the future of marine and offshore operations and show […]

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International: Business -“Spain has a thoroughly pro-European stance”

With youth unemployment decreasing and the economy on the upswing, Spain’s future is looking brighter. H.E. MARÍA VICTORIA MORERA VILLUENDAS, the ambassador to Germany, talks about her country’s position in Europe and the world.

Excellency, since the constitution of 1978, Spain has emerged as a social and democratic constitutional state. How has your country changed in the last 40 years?
Spain has undoubtedly changed a lot in the last 40 years, starting with the adoption of the new constitution you’ve mentioned and the consolidation of the democratic and social constitutional state […]

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The CEO of Montblanc, NICOLAS BARETZKI, answers our 15 questions and explains why Hamburg is so important for his company’s success. “I feel like a citizen of the world” 

You’ve got ten minutes’ time for yourself at the office. What do you do?
Write down my thoughts and the to-dos that came up throughout the day. Writing is the best way to explore new ideas – it can lead to a game-changing innovation.

Where do you consider home?
I feel like a citizen of the world. Home is where my family is.

Which characteristics […]

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